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Positioned at the forefront of innovation, we are geared up to offer flexible and extensive logistics solutions for the automotive industry. Our auto logistics services swiftly adapt to product and volume changes by using a process-driven method

Our Clients are Leading the Trend

We cater to diverse international brands from luxury to sportswear and lifestyle products. Serving thousands of global outlets daily, Kerry Logistics Oceania is your premier partner for one of the worlds’ fastest-moving industries

Supply chain solutions for industrial and chemical products

We offer complete IMS supply chain solutions, transporting goods from origin to destination in compliance with top international standards. Our IMS logistics experts oversee and cater for all your product needs.

We offer an extensive fleet of sea freight containers to meet your requirements, including dry, refrigerated, and special-purpose containers. Discover container types, sizes, and uses with our guide. 

Incoterms® are standardised trade terms by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to aid traders in goods sale and transport. The latest version, Incoterms 2020, was effective from January 1, 2020.

The 2023/24 BMSB season has commenced with measures applying until 20 April 2024. New Zealand and Australia have strict measures to minimise the risk of this pest entering either country.

Master pallet preparation by selecting the right dimensions, stacking properly, and securing cargo. An ideal pallet ensures both stability and safety while also helping prevent additional costs

Translating our industry speak. Designed for easy understanding, this guide offers an extensive collection of vital terms, abbreviations, and definitions related to Logistics

Essential packing techniques, such as materials usage, space optimization, and heavy cargo handling, to ensure your shipments are prepared efficiently for safe and timely delivery.

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We Are Here to Help

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