What is LCL Shipping?

Less Than Container Load (LCL) is a flexible and cost-effective solution in the dynamic freight forwarding world. LCL allows you to ship smaller quantities of cargo without filling an entire container, thus saving costs and reducing carbon footprint. Dive deep into the world of LCL and discover how it can become an asset to your supply chain. Check our Ultimate Guide to LCL Shipping: Everything You Need to Know


Our LCL Services

We offer tailored solutions that adapt to your needs, ensuring smooth and efficient shipping. From offering a wide range of cargo transportation possibilities to utilizing our network of partners for standard LCL shipping, we bring you solutions that redefine reliability and affordability. For New Zealand as a destination, we offer our own consolidation service with gateways shown below:

China Southbound

Direct weekly Sailings to Auckland with nationwide on-carriage:

•    Qingdao: 22+ Days
•    Shanghai: 21+ Days
•    Ningbo: 20+ Days
•    Hong Kong: 22+ Days

Trans-Tasman Eastbound

Direct weekly Sailings to Auckland with nationwide on-carriage:

•    Melbourne: 5+ Days
•    Sydney: 4+ Days
•    Brisbane: 8+ Days

USA Southbound

Direct weekly Sailings to Auckland with nationwide on-carriage:

•    Los Angeles: 18+ Days
•    Chicago: 32+ Days
•    New York: 36+ Days

We are Oceania’s gateway to the rest of the world

Local management combines with the global networks’ critical infrastructure, industry-leading capabilities and worldwide expertise to provide our clients with a powerful, local service.

Global Reach

Our global reach is our strength.  Our consolidation gateways in strategic locations worldwide and robust co-loading partnerships mean you can capitalise on the agility and speed of deliveries without compromising service quality. A few  advantages include: 
  • Access to more than 180 Direct Weekly Sailings to and from Australia and New Zealand
  • A combination of 4,000+ possible routes (Port-Pairs)
  • Set transit times to and from key destinations
Global LCL Map-23

Digital Solutions and Tracking Capabilities

Optimized digital solutions are a luxury and necessary in today's fast-paced world. Our digital solutions are designed to increase predictability, boost productivity, and build resilience in supply chain operations. From automating repetitive tasks to anticipating customer behaviours, we provide visibility and connectivity for real-time data response, effective planning, and confident decision-making. Our specialized technician team in Adelaide tailors Electronic Data Interchanges (EDIs) and APIs to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing efficiency and performance. Discover our Digital Solutions HERE

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